Marketing and Content Development Service

Our staff has participated in the development of market strategies, marketing campaigns and associated content for hundreds of new or relaunched products and services.  Our technical, marketing and sales expertise married to our ability to just get things done, can help you get your product or service to market more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  We'll help you hit your sales targets - and ensure that all the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" crossed.

We offer specific services based on our experience in the Field Service Mangement industry.  To learn more, download our brochure.

Partner Development Service

The right partners can help your company reach new revenue and profitability heights.  Treillage can help you find the right partner(s) quickly and effectively.  Our six point process enables companies to quickly determine the right partners without requiring a significant time investment by your product marketing, sales and development organizations.    Our process includes:

  • Product/service gap analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product or service overlap analysis
  • Corporate culture comparison
  • Market potential/obstacles
  • Business and financial analysis

Our process and wide range of contacts in a variety of industries can help your company find and develop the partnerships best suited to your revenue goals.  Let us show you how.

Competitive Analysis Service

New products, new markets, new competitors - nothing stays the same in turbulent high tech markets.  That's why it's important for you and your company to tap into an experienced resource that can gather, sift, and analyze technical, market and competitive data from a variety of sources.

Treillage has supplied competitive analyses for software, hardware and professional services companies.  Our in depth analysis has allowed our clients to develop new product, go to market and product development strategies.  They have also helped them attack markets with new pricing and/or service strategies.


Product Management Services

Treillage also helps companies develop product strategies and document new products/features.  We've helped our clients produce product road maps and product/feature descriptions that enabled their development organizations to deliver competitive, profitable products and services to the market.

Industry Reports


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