Short Cut Sales and Marketing Training Services

Text, email, IMS, cell phones, video conferencing - isn't it funny that with all of the tools we have to communicate, we seem to understand our customers, markets, and each other, less every day?  Our lack of true communication can lead to reduced revenues, unhappy customers, and missed sales opportunities.

At Treillage, in conjunction with our sister endeavor Words are Capital, we can help you:

Increase sales

Reduce the cost of sales

Speed up the sales process

Build customer loyalty

Beat the competition

Improve relationships with customers, colleagues, friends, and family

Understand what people are really saying

Become aware - observe (verbal and non-verbal), listen, feel, understand.

Our five segment seminar presented in 1 1/2 days consists of:

A Communications Primer - students learn how people learn and how to communicate with them in their unique learning style

Becoming Aware - students learn how to determine where someone is "at" and tailor their communications to join them

Filling the Information Gaps - students learn to recognize information gaps and understand how to access the information that is missing

Lighting the Way - students learn verbal and non-verbal methods of influencing buying and other behaviors

The Open Communications Channel - students learn to use the entire tool kit to effectively influence customers, colleagues, friends, and family

Based on our personal experience, we can help make your sales and marketing teams more efficient, effective, and motivated.  Our sales and marketing training services can help your company take the short cut to increased sales and happier customers.

Download our brochure - Words are Capital Brochure