Short Cut Seminar Services

Customer product and market seminars, sales training, and motivational meetings for company personnel or even industry meetings are essential elements in communicating your company's product or service's market and strategic messages.  Getting the message across in a straight forward, positive, and energetic manner is key to ensuring that the message is understood and memorable.

Treillage can help you take the short cut to getting your message seen and heard.  Our more than twenty years' experience in preparation and delivery of formal and informal seminars, training classes, and motivational speeches can help you not only reach your chosen audience, but also make your seminar or meeting a memorable one for all participants.  We'll educate - and entertain - participants, creating an environment of receptivity and fun instead of a dry litany of product or service attributes or technical detail.

Treillage has vast experience in delivering sales, training and industry seminars in a variety of areas including:

Voice and data services

Cloud computing and cloud-based services

Managed services and consulting

Mobility and mobile apps


Optical networks and networking equipment

Smart grids

Routing and switching

Voice over IP equipment and software

Content management equipment and software

OSS and network management systems

Storage area networking

Networked applications

Broadband access technologies

Wireless equipment and software

Security systems, appliances, and software

We've delivered seminars to a variety of audiences including industry trade groups, local technical and trade associations, corporate meetings, sales meetings, product or service customer and analyst tours.

We also have appeared in live and taped closed circuit TV broadcasts and in corporate video productions.

Let us show you how Treillage can help you to take the short cut to making your next customer, sales, corporate, or industry event a memorable one!