This page is devoted to sharing some favorite web resources.  If you are aware of some you think we should add, erop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to add it to the list.


Miller Heiman Sales Performance Journal June 2010, Article by Deb Mielke - In Sync with Customers; The People Not the Data

The Organizational NOS

Industry Organizations

SIP Foundry - open source information for SIP-based applications and technology

International Engineer Consortium - IP based standards and more - XML information and industry specific XML standards

The Globus Alliance - Grid computing consortium, standards and toolkit - data center device and software intercommunication standards

The Telecommunications Industry Association - standards, policies, advocacy, and more

WhatIs from TechTarget - tons of tech terms defined

The Federal Communications Commission - federal regulations and a lot of great data

Trade Publications

Network World

Telecom Engine


Connected Planet

Information Week

SearchStorage from TechTarget





Residential Systems

Other Places of Interest

WorldVideoBusiness - a business to business e-marketplace source of international trade leads, and tender opportunities from companies and government organizations around the globe.

YoY-search - a web portal with ten types of search