Short Cut Press and Analyst Preparation Services

A key factor in the success of any product or service is the "buzz" that surrounds it when it hits the market.  Getting and keeping the attention of industry analysts and the press is critical to keeping your product or service on the radar screen and visible to your potential customer base.  Let Treillage help you make the most of your product or service launch and ensure that it hits the market with a real "bang" - and keeps the press and analysts coming back for more!

At Treillage we can help you:

Hone your message for the press, analysts, and customers (they're all different and want to see and hear something different as well!)

Tell a convincing, memorable story

Craft and hone the three key strengths of your product or service and make sure your audience remembers them

Develop a strategy for communicating future developments and product or service strategy

We can also help you position your message against those of your competitors' and aid in the construction of a powerful, defensible market position.

Based on our wide industry experience - on all sides of the table (customer, vendor, analyst, writer), we can help turn your product launch into a revenue rocket.  Contact us!