Short Cut Partnering Services

One of the best ways to expand into new markets or fill a gap in a product portfolio is to use partners.  The right partners can help your company reach new revenue and profitability heights as well as expand your customer base exponentially.  However, choosing the wrong partner can result in wasted time, money, and even damage your company's reputation with customers and potential customers. 

Treillage can help you find the right partner(s) quickly and effectively.  Our six point process will help you take a short cut to quickly determine the right partners without requiring a heavy time investment by your product marketing, sales, and development organizations or the executive team.  Our process includes:

Product or service gap analysis

Competitive analysis

Product or service overlap analysis

Corporate culture comparison

Market potential, obstacles

Business and financial analysis

Treillage personnel have wide ranging contacts within a number of industries and can help you find, sort through and develop partnerships with the companies best suited to help you reach your revenue and profitability goals.  Let us show you how we can help you take the short cut to expanding your customer base!