Short Cut Document Development Services

White papers, blogs, articles in trade journals, reports, analysis, sales brochures, data sheets, and other sales and marketing materials are all important components in making your product or service successful and profitable.  However, with limited staff and tight deadlines, it's sometimes difficult to produce the material your company needs when your company needs it.  We can help.

Treillage can produce high quality, comprehensive sales, marketing and technical documents quickly and cost effectively - without requiring hours of time from you or your staff.  Our more than twenty years' experience in a wide variety of technology, sales, marketing, and consulting and analysis roles provides a strong foundation to draw.  This enables us to produce the documents you need quickly and expertly.  Additionally, Treillage can develop "branded" white papers and reports that lend third party endorsement to products and services, markets or technologies

Finally, Treillage's sales, marketing, and technical presentations can get your product or service noticed by trade show attendees, customers, the press, or the analyst community.  We can develop and produce single sales, marketing , and technical documents and presentations or a complete portfolio of documents to help make selling and marketing of your product or service a snap.

Our experience and expertise covers a wide variety of technologies including:

Voice and data services

Cloud computing and cloud-based services

Managed services and consulting

Mobility and mobile apps


Optical networks and networking equipment

Smart grids

Routing and switching

Voice over IP equipment and software

Content management equipment and software

OSS and network management systems

Storage area networking

Networked applications

Broadband access technologies

Wireless equipment and software

Security systems, appliances, and software

Additionally, we can break down technologies by market or market segment and determine how your product or service, or a competitor's, meet the specific requirements of service providers, large enterprises, small and medium sized businesses, home-based businesses, consumers or a variety of vertical markets. 

Treillage has published a number of articles and white papers with key print and online publications and has built relationships with them to ensure that your article or white paper will be printed in a timely manner.  If you need a document done, done now, and done right - Treillage can make it happen.  We'll help you take the short cut to productivity and profitability!